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Our Outsourcing Services

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Outsource your medical practice management and enjoy the benefits.

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Why Outsourcing Your Admin Tasks (2)
Why Outsourcing Your Admin Tasks
Why Outsourcing Your Admin Tasks-2

Why Outsourcing Your Admin Tasks?

Reduced Costs

Eliminate the need for in-house staff and overhead expenses.

Enhanced Patient Care

Provide a seamless and responsive patient experience.

Increased Revenue

Maximize reimbursements and minimize delays.

Outsource Your Medical Practice To The Best.

Outsource your medical practice to the best.

About Us

At MDHelpTek, we’re dedicated to turning medical practices into success stories. With expert medical practice outsourcing, we ensure excellence in every service.

Empower Your Medical Practice with Our Outsourcing Solutions

Outsmart the competition with our expert-driven strategies and solutions.
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With a 4.9 rating from our clients, we are the trusted choice for outsourcing medical practices.
5+ Years of Experience
We have over 5 years of experience in providing high-quality medical services to our clients.

Meet Your New Care Team.

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Medical Professionals from Different Backgrounds
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female doctors

Ann Hugo

Medical Doctor

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Janet Tily

Medical Doctor

smiling african american doctor

Mike Oberhud

Medical Doctor

female practitioner

Kate Ostevik

Medical Doctor

Words Out There For Us.

Dr. Emily Thompson

A Game-Changer for Our Practice

MDHelpTek has been a game-changer for our practice. The Front Desk Optimization service has significantly improved our patient interactions. Calls are answered promptly, and our patients appreciate the complete support they receive. It’s evident that MDHelpTek is committed to excellence in every aspect.
Dr. Emily Thompson General Practitioner
Dr. Michael Rodriguez

Streamlined Credentialing Process

The Credentialing service provided by MDHelpTek has streamlined our credentialing process. The team ensured timely application submissions and continuous monitoring, giving us confidence in the integrity of our credentials. Their dedication to a seamless process is commendable.

Dr. Michael Rodriguez

Outsourcing Mastery at Your Service.

Boost efficiency, elevate care, and surpass your goals - your trusted partner in medical practice management.